Classroom Groups

Each Walter Hays classroom has its own online group to facilitate classroom communications (for both teacher-to-parents, and parents-to-parents communications).We’re updating this information.

To subscribe, click on the link below for your classroom UpToUs group and follow the instructions on the screen. In the comments section, include your name and the name of your student. If you have more than one child, sign up for the classroom UpToUs group for each of your children.


For Adriene Guiriba’s classroom (Room 20):

For Tara Hunt’s   classroom (Room 21):

1st GRADE:

For Ann Kitajima’s classroom (Room 17):

For Shawn Harvey’s classroom (Room 18):

For Michelle Robell’s classroom (Room 19):

2nd GRADE:

For Jennifer Arnout’s classroom (Room 1):

For Diana Largent’s classroom (Room 3):

For Michele Ketcham’s classroom (Room 4):

3rd GRADE:

For Jennifer Ford’s classroom (Room 9):

For Janine Rocha & Anna Kearney’s classroom (Rm 11):

For Ben Margevicius‘s classroom (Room 12):

For Brian Hubb’s classroom (Room 13):

2nd/3rd GRADE SAI:

For RaNae Voskuhl’s classroom (Room 10):

4th/5th GRADE SAI:

For Helena Katunaric’s classroom (Room 14):

4th GRADE:

For Anna Bolos & Ashley McManus’s classroom (Room 2):

For Jessica Arnold & Carol Wu’s classroom (Room 5):

For Barbara Lindsay’s classroom (Room 6):

For Jessica Tolerba & Holly Harrison’s
classroom (Room 7):

5th GRADE:

For Kevin Rouse’s classroom (Room 15):

For Shauna Mantovani’s classroom (Room 24):

For Helen Carnes’ classroom (Room 25):

For Heidi Kerscher & Holly Harrison’s
classroom (Room 26):

– To send a message to the group: Send email to (replace X with your room #) Only verified members of the group can send messages.

– To go to the classroom website: click on the appropriate link above

– To unsubscribe log into UpToUs and remove your classroom community.  You can also be a classroom member and not receive e-mails but go to the UpToUs to check messages.  This is done by editting your preferences.

If you have any questions about how to sign up for uptous groups or need assistance, please email  We try to prepopulate the groups at the beginning of the year to decrease the parent load of so many different sign-ups but if we do not have an e-mail address on record then we cannot prepopulate.