New Student to Walter Hays?



Welcome to Walter Hays.  We are so excited that you are joining us.   The attached packet will provide useful information for getting situated at Walter Hays.
New Student Packet

Walter Hays has several methods of keeping parents updated.   The attached Communications Guide will help you learn about the different tools.

Communications Guide

If you join Walter Hays mid-year, you will need to contact to get signed up to receive communications. Please send an email indicating that you are a new Family and provide the following information (or use the form below).

Parent/Guardian 1: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Cell Phone
Parent/Guardian 2: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Cell Phone
Child: First Name, Last Name, Teacher Name, Classroom Number

If you would like for us to add your address and home phone number to the directory, please also include that information in your email.