From Meredith and Lise for the PTA:

It’s wonderful to see all our children and families settling so well into their first week back at school. Once again, welcome back!

You will see that all children are fully provided with classroom supplies to start off the year! This couldn’t happen without being 100% funded by parent donations via the One Check Form.

In 2018, the One Check Form will need to be the main fundraiser for the school. For those not new to the school, we may have noticed we have increased the School Fund donation request. This was done to be more sensitive to working parents’ time obligations as well as simplify donation points. Increasing revenue from the School Fund will reduce the reliance on time consuming fundraisers like the Fall Fest and the accompanying Treasury Book of Parties. We hope that this change will lower volunteer fatigue and stress but still allow for adequate fundraising to maintain all current school programs.

We are changing the Just Buy Its for Classrooms and your teachers will share more in the coming weeks. We have Amazon buy lists being created by our Staff for individual classes and school clubs. This will enable direct donations throughout the year, not just at our Fall Community Event, formerly known as Fall Fest.

Please pay directly via our Walter Hays Online Store or complete the One Check Form for return to the Front office by September 8th.

We also have some fantastic logo wear again this year so please don’t overlook it! We changed up suppliers and have gone back to a high quality faster turnaround, local supplier! Not only a great way to support our school (as any profits go straight to our bottom line) but it is also a great way to show your school colors.


There is a party on the slate that was planned back in 2017… Please sign up! If some dancing, karaoke and dress up in 90s garb is something you can even remotely get behind it’s a great way to contribute to the PTA AND to have a great night out in Palo Alto!


More information will be shared in the WHEnews, class flyers and UpToUS once it is up and running. We also look forward to seeing everyone at the Back To School Nights coming up on August 27th and August 28th.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions whatsoever. We are happy to chat.
Meredith and Lise

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