Parent Teacher Association

The Walter Hays PTA is a vital part of the community providing three key functions to the school; volunteer, financial and community support. Membership in the PTA is entirely voluntary. However, we are proud to have one of the highest participation levels in the district. Membership and parent education meetings are open to all parents and staff members. We invite you to attend to learn more about your PTA.

Volunteer Support:

The PTA recruits and manages an extensive army of volunteers who together ensure that the teachers and staff have the resources and support they need to provide our students with the best education possible

Financial Support:

The PTA raises a critical portion of the annual school budget covering such essential non-personnel items as technology support, staff development, and operational needs. These PTA funds are raised through parent contributions to the School Supply Fund, Fall Fest, Amazon and other programs.

Community Support:

Through our annual events such as the Back-to-School International Potluck, Fall Fest, our outreach events, and our parent education program, the PTA is the cornerstone of the Walter Hays community. Beyond school events, the PTA connects the community through our monthly Wildcat Newsletter, eNews, and our website.

PTA Parent/Student eDirectory :

The PTA maintains a directory of parents’ and student’s contact information. It is available online as eDirectory.

Walter Hays PTA Executive Board/Committee Chair Job Descriptions

PTA Executive Board:

An Executive Board is elected from the parent community serving one-year terms in the following positions: President, Vice President – Fundraising, Vice President – Events, Vice President – Programs, Vice President – Communications, Vice President – Health and Safety, Secretary, Treasurer, and an appointed Parliamentarian

The Executive Board meets monthly. These meetings are also attended by the principal, a staff member liaison, and the Site Council Chairperson.


PTA Board Officer Positions

The executive board is elected from the parent community. This group meets once a month during the year to help lead the efforts of the PTA, guide programs and PTA budget.


Preside at all meetings of the Executive board and general membership, prepare PTA Exec Board meeting agenda. Coordinate the work of officers and committees of the PTA, and executive board and assist as needed; be the official representative at council and district meetings; serve as member of school budget committee and present PTA budget to the association; meet bimonthly with the school principal and site council chairs.

VP/ Ways & Means (Fundraising)

Attend monthly PTA Executive Board meeting. Evaluate fund raising strategy and fund raising options to ensure Walter Hays PTA is raising and spending money in the most efficient way possible. Recruit committee chairs and support all fund raising activity volunteers. Collaborate with President(s) and Principal to create “One check form” amounts and categories that are included in back to school packets. Develop strategy in collaboration with PiE.


Attend monthly PTA Executive Board meeting. Plan and organize parent education programs, including topic, speaker, venue, promotions and refreshments. Recruit committee chairs and help coordinate Breakfast with Carol presentations and Reflections Program participation for students at Walter Hays.


Attend monthly PTA Executive Board meeting. Recruit Wildcat editor, Yearbook editor, eNews and Web manager. Assist Wildcat and eNews with any issues and manage PTA contributions to the website. Identify ways to better circulate and distribute information school-wide and ensure PTA’s needs are being met by Wildcat, eNews and Website.


Attend monthly PTA Executive Board meeting. Recruit all event committee chairs. Evaluate events offered at Walter Hays and provide support and assistance to all the chairs heading those events. Contribute to organization of back to school packets as they pertain to events before school starts.

VP/Health & Safety

Attend monthly PTA Executive Board meeting. Oversee general health and safety issues at school, including traffic safety, bike safety, lunchtime supervision and activities on playground, lice checks, and safe school plan. Recruit committee chairs to run health and safety programs.


Attend monthly PTA Executive Board meeting. Identify activities that help assist Walter Hays’ under represented groups, provide guidance and assistance with language translation and other services. Put on events to reach groups including working parents, VTP, special day, new families and kinder parents.

VP/Volunteer Services

Attend monthly PTA Executive Board meeting and coordinate provision of refreshments for each meeting. Assist the VPs and Chairpersons in the recruitment of volunteers and maintain list of volunteers. In Fall, organize Back to School Coffee, including production of all volunteer sign-up sheets, follow-up on all positions and refreshments for coffee.


Attend monthly PTA Executive Board meeting. Help prepare budget, keep accurate records of income and expenditures. Maintain PTA bank accounts and write checks to cover expenses. Present financial reports at PTA and Executive Board meetings. Follow local and national PTA guidelines and procedures; prepare the annual income tax filing for the school.


Audit books and records of Walter Hays PTA to ensure accuracy and completeness. Review all transactions, bank reconciliations, monthly profit and loss reports, comparisons to budget, budget amendments and all supporting documentation. Ensure compliance with requisite external reporting such as tax returns. Make recommendations for any corrections or improvements.


Attend monthly PTA Executive Board meeting. Record and prepare minutes and distribute minutes prior to the meeting at which they are to be reviewed. Keep copies of PTA meeting minutes and treasurer’s reports. Record minutes from general membership meetings and coordinate production and distribution of back to school packet.


Attend executive board and PTA meetings and give necessary advice on parliamentary procedure when requested. Recruit Nominating Committee members with assistance from the President. Call the first meeting of the nominating committee. Chair bylaws committee and review bylaws and standing rules every two years. Attend PTA Council general meetings (6 times a year.) Represent Hays on PTAC Nominating Committee.

Committee Chair Positions

Walter Hays PTA sponsors many events, activities and programs that enhance the experiences of our children and families. Thanks to the many volunteers who help to make this enrichment happen and enable these programs to thrive! 

Reporting To VP/Events

Back to School Staff Lunch Coordinate a luncheon for staff a few days before school starts in the Fall. Recruit other parents to provide food and assist in serving lunch.

Popsicle Welcome Provide popsicles and organize volunteers for popsicle welcome before school starts when class lists are posted.

Back-To-School Coffee Refreshments Arrange for parents to bring treats and beverages to share on first day of school. Organize set-up and clean up of tables in MP room. Advertise with banners and fliers.

Back-To-School Potluck Picnic Organize volunteers, food contributions by classroom, table set-up, entertainment set-up and clean-up, advertise event.

Fall Fest Event Organizer Determine activities and games to be provided on day of event, organize volunteers to provide all necessary equipment for activities as well as coordinate volunteers to run activities, organize advertising in form of posters and Wildcat ads, provide necessary tables and chairs, entertainment, set-up and clean-up volunteers. Coordinate Teacher Raffle.

Fall Fest Fundraising Organizer Oversee “Just Sign Up” portion of event, including solicitation of party givers, & other just sign up items, creation of book, and sign-up sheets, creation of advertising boards and articles for Wildcat, etc.

Ocean Week Event Organize evening event, including classroom sign-ups for food, advertising of event, etc.

May Fete Parade Organize Walter Hays’ participation in the May Fete Parade, a Palo Alto community event.

Staff Appreciation Week In May, organize a luncheon during Teacher Appreciation Week, write an article for the Wildcat alerting parents and providing suggestions for thanking teachers, provide some special thank yous to staff during the week like Monday flowers, coffee cart, etc.

Fifth Grade Activities Maintain 5th grade yahoo group, communicate with class regarding activities, recruit chairs for 5th grade social, Pancake breakfast, 5th grade promotion and other activities.

Reporting To VP/Fundraising

Book Fair, Scholastic Advertise the event (theme provided by Scholastic), recruit volunteers, set up and take down the fair, organize teacher tea, complete financial information to be returned to Scholastic and turn cash funds over to Treasurer.

Clothing Sales Organize the creation, sale and distribution of T-shirts and sweats with school logo. The clothes are available in child and adult sizes.

E-Scrip/Schoolpop Following PTA eScrip guidelines, manage Walter Hays’ eScrip program. This includes providing many opportunities for parents to sign up and renew their eScrip membership.

Gift Wrap Drive Help coordinate and oversee the fall gift wrap fund-raiser.

Grant Writing

Kids Notecards Coordinate student art creation for notecards, development of cards, collection of payments and distribution.

Matching Corporate Gifts

Partners in Education Liaison Provide communication between Walter Hays and Partners in Education (PiE).Keep school community informed via newsletter, eNews, and posters/flyers on campus. Attend PiE representative meetings. Recruit a team of volunteers to help with campaign activities (e.g., write personal notes on direct appeal letters, help with phone bank calls or other special events).

Reporting To VP/Communications


Wildcat Newsletter Editor in Chief Receive articles, announcements and pictures from Walter Hays staff, PTA board members and parents. Edit and lay out the Wildcat Newsletter, the bimonthly school newsletter, using layout software. Deliver hard copy and/or digital copy of the finished newsletter to the printing office at 25 Churchill.

Directory Collect directory information from parents, include roster of staff, school, and PTA calendar. Have copies made and distribute to students.

eStuff Receive announcements, news items from Walter Hays staff, PTA board members and parents Lay out and edit the eNews. Assist in posting content to Website.

Yearbook Editor Organize volunteers to assemble and arrange for production of the annual yearbook available in June. The committee works throughout the school year assembling the book as well as organizing yearbook purchase and distribution.

UpToUs Groups Oversee the coordination of classroom UpToUs groups.

Reporting To VP/Health & Safety

3rd grade Bike Safety Program Plan bike safety program with third grade teachers and PTA Council traffic safety coordinator. Use Bicycle Safety materials in office to help with planning. Recruit parents to help with bicycle safety stations, try to arrange for extra bicycles so all children have one. Coordinate with police.

Safe School Plan Work with the Principal on earthquake and emergency plans and supplies. Oversee volunteers from each classroom who inventory classroom emergency supplies, red back packs, supply shed each fall.

Hearing Screening Coordinator Assist in organization and execution of hearing screening.

Vision Screening Coordinator Assist in organization and execution of vision screening.

Library Lunchtime Activities Coordinate activities for lunchtime in library on rainy days.

Lunchclub Program Select lunchtime activities, recruit parent volunteers to help. Advertise activities and provide necessary supplies.

Traffic Safety Educate parents and children about best practices to ensure the highest degree of traffic safety on campus and near drop-off sites.

Parents on the Playground Organize classroom sign-ups for parents to supervise lunchtime playground activities. Recruit volunteers from each classroom to cover 2 weeks per year.

Earthday Walk to School Develop and advertise program to encourage all students/families to walk or bike to school in October.

Reporting To VP/Volunteer Services

Back to School Coffee Sign-Up Sheets Create volunteer sign-up sheets. Jr. Great Books Coordinator.

Library Volunteer Coordinator Recruit and schedule volunteers to work in the library during classroom library visits.

PTA Meeting Refreshments/Hostess Supplies

PTA Wardrobe Drive/Lost & Found Advertise and collect clean and gently used clothing through clothing drive each year. Transfer clothing from lost and found to Wardrobe. Organize lost & found items.

Reading Garden Coordinator Organize maintenance crews twice a year to help maintain the Reading Garden.

Student Portrait Coordinator Develop schedule by class for class and individual pictures, recruit volunteers to accompany children from class.

Staff Refreshments Recruit volunteers to provide weekly staff refreshments on alternating Wed & Thurs.

Reporting To VP/Programs

Parent Education Programs Determine possible parent ed programs, recruit speaker, advertise event, secure venue and solicit feedback post event.

Coffee With Mary Program Promote Coffee with Mary in Fri Folders, Wildcat and eNews, coordinate 5th G volunteers for childwatch and provide refreshments.

Mary’s Book Club Program Promote Mary’s Book Club in Fri Folders, Wildcat and eNews.

Reflections Program In Fall, coordinate this nationwide creative PTA program by soliciting submissions from student body and managing application process. Coordinate with other PA schools.

WOW Community Service Coordinate community service events within our school and community.

Reporting To VP/Membership (Outreach)

Kinder Summer Playdates in the Park Organize 4-6 kinder playdates over the summer. Mail playdates and welcome letter to incoming kinder families. Serve as host at playdates.

Kindergarten Potluck Coordinate lunchtime potluck of all four kinder classes, recruit volunteers for set-up and clean-up, promote event on first or second Friday after school starts.

Liaison/Family Resources

Liaison/Kids Club

Liaison/Special Day Classes

Liaison/Voluntary Transfer Families

PTA Membership Drive Execute the fall membership drive and file the appropriate forms with the PTA Council.

PTA Council Web Site