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February 28, 2021
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Tuesday, March 2nd
Parenting During the Pandemic and School Reopening

Tuesday, March 9th
Consciously Making a Connection with Your Children
March Core Value:


We accept and support others and acknowledge their feelings.
In This Issue
  • Get Involved with Walter Hays!
  • PAUSD Librarian Recommendations - Race & Equity
  • Yearbook Candid Photos - Enter Random Drawing!
  • Get Your Yearbook Copy
  • Self-Regulation and Mindfulness
  • New Reads for March Core Value: Empathy
  • Post-Black History Celebration Event Materials
Walter Hays News
Interested in Being More involved at School?

Our Nominating Committee is actively looking for parents who wish to serve on next year’s PTA Exec Board. Please reach out to Daniel Moore at if you are interested in joining the team!
PAUSD Elementary Librarian Recommendations: Race & Equity for Kids

Spend 7 days with your children reading at least 8 books. We have provided a curated collection and a discussion question for each day. (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7) Want go the extra mile? Form a book club and work with some friends! There's no due date and no grades. There are books, videos, questions and opportunities for deeper connections and understandings.
All books on this website can be found in PAUSD elementary school libraries in print or digitally or from our partners at the Palo Alto City Library.
Candid Yearbook Photos - Enter a Random Drawing!

The Yearbook team is offering ONE $20 Amazon Gift Cardrandom drawing to occur for any parent/family that submits a photo from now until March 5th at NOON. 

In order to qualify, submit your child's photo by clicking "Access Folder" on our website by locating your child's Class/Cohort under the "Room Parent Submission" column as a .jpg/.jpeg with file name set as:

For example: "5-Carnes-Jonathan Fluff-1."

  • Submit based on the following topics:
  1. Socially distant and COVID safe playdates (park playdates okay)
  2. Studying at Home
  3. Outside Classroom/Home Activity
  4. Favorite Moment of the Year
  • Winner will be determined through a random drawing and contacted on Wednesday, March 10th by the Yearbook Team. Submit as many photos as you'd like, but only one counts toward random drawing.

Please reach out to your Room Parent OR for details.
*Photo placement in yearbook based on full discretion of the Yearbook Team
Yearbooks Available for Purchase at $26

The 2020-2021 “Virtually Together” Yearbook is coming together! Thank you to all who have submitted your child's Official Class Portraits. The yearbook will be filled with memorable moments throughout the school year. Not all schools get a yearbook this year!

Self-Regulation and Mindfulness 
Self-regulation are those skills that help us to manage our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. These skills are learned and honed throughout our life. Mindfulness is an avenue for developing self-regulation.
Jon Kabat-Zinn defines Mindfulness as “Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally” (Kabat-Zinn, 1994.)

One way we can help our children develop self-regulation skills through mindfulness is by helping them to become aware (on purpose) and present (in the moment) to the feelings they experience in their bodies (not judging those feelings as good or bad.) This is the foundation for self-regulation.
Some Suggestions to Help You Guide Your Child:
  • Listen to your body and name it (e.g., thirsty, stomach growling, butterflies in your tummy, cold, wiggly, relaxed, calm)
  • Name the Feeling (e.g., nervous, scared, hungry, excited, safe)
  • Identify what activity to do to help make your body feel calm, peaceful, relaxed (e.g., drink some water, have a snack, jump around or dance, sit in a quiet place, seek out someone you care about and feel safe with...)
  • Follow-up by doing some mindful breathing
  • flower/candle 5 times
  • give yourself a hug, squeeze a little tighter while breathing in and breathe out loosening your hug and repeat 5 times
  • Place your hand on your tummy and notice how it moves “out” as you inhale and “in” as you exhale. Repeat 5 times
Wishing you moments of peace and unexpected joy!
Londy Reidy (school psychologist) and Susan Lewis (CASSY counselor)
Listening to My Body, Gabi Garcia
Self-Regulation & Mindfulness, Varleisha D. Gibbs, Ph.D., OTD, OTR/L
March Core Value: Empathy

We accept and support others and acknowledge their feelings.

Read with your kids about March’s Core Value: Empathy

We would like to invite parents to read books with their child(ren) about March’s Core Value, EMPATHY. The Palo Alto library and Walter Hays library carry these books and we hope you will check them out. Here are five of these titles:
  1. You, Me and Empathy By Jayneen Sanders
  2. The English Roses By Madonna
  3. The Name Jar By Yangsook Choi
  4. Last Stop on Market Street By Matt de la Peña
  5. The Other Side By Jacqueline Woodson

The Core Values Committee, headed by Lise Latour ( and Zeehan Selha ( invites all members of the Walter Hays community to ask questions about the committee. We welcome all ideas and suggestions you may have about our Core Values Program.
Black History Month Participation

Thank you for participating in our Black History Month activities. Students viewed the presentation “African and African American Tales” this past week and teacher’s report that it was a fabulous presentation. 

Black History Celebration Newsletters
Each newsletter highlights at least five Black Leaders, two Black History moments, and four Black History learning opportunities for our elementary PTA students and families.

Shop & Benefit Walter Hays

A parenting support series offered by Palo Alto Unified School District Wellness & Support Services and AACI
Beginning March 2nd

Register Here. Parenting can be very challenging during the pandemic for a lot of parents. Please join us for a free, 1.5-hour webinar every week starting from 3/2/2020 for ten weeks. You do not have to attend every single session but pick the topics that you are interested in. The workshop series will cover a wide range of parenting topics, addressing important questions such as internet overuse, build and connect with teens, teen’s mental health, cross-cultural conflicts, de-escalate children’s emotions. By the end of the series, you will be equipped with better understanding, presence, calmness, and the skills needed to be able to communicate with your children. Hope to see you in one of the sessions!
PTA Council News
PTA Parent Series: Parenting in a Pandemic
Wed & Thur starting now and running through March 2021
Free online webinars for parenting in a pandemic, organized by 6th District PTA. Please CLICK HERE to register for any of the talks below:

Next workshops:

Supporting Children in our Changing World
Wed March 3 7:00 PM

Tackling Technology 
Wed March 10 6:00 PM

Well-Balanced Student 
Thu March 18 7:00 PM
PTA Council Seeks Volunteers

The PTA Council Nominating Committee is currently seeking expressions of interest from individuals in the community who would like to learn more about becoming a member of the PTA Council Executive Board for the 2021-22 school year. We are looking for community members who have a passion for improving the educational experience of all students and preferably have experience on their school PTA or site council. Talk to us about stepping into a leadership role or how you can participate on a committee.

Contact the Nominating Committee at:
March 4, 2021 Priority Setting Meeting County Wide: Teen Health & E-Cig. 

Good News Teen e-Cig rates of use in middle/high schools have dropped during the COVID pandemic. In anticipation of school reopening, the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health has been holding priority setting community of excellence workshops on tobacco prevention. The final meeting March 4, 2021, where State/Local nonprofit and youth teen grant funding opportunities through 2025 will be discussed. Please attend this zoom meeting if you are a school parent, PTA leader, student council, or community nonprofit youth group leader interested in funding innovative ideas such as social platforms, etc.. Have Questions? Contact Jade Chao at
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