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May 2, 2021
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May 3rd-7th
Staff Appreciation Week

Thursday, May 6th at 7pm
General PTA meeting/Elections
May Core Value:


We agreeably work together to solve problems and unite to create a supportive environment for everyone.
In This Issue
  • Staff Appreciation Week - Donations Needed
  • A Message from Ms. Ford
  • Stanford Women's Rugby Presentation
  • Last PTA Meeting of the Year
  • Walter Hays Move-a-thon
  • Library News
  • Mindfulness Corner: Test Taking
  • May Core Values Reading: Cooperation
Walter Hays News
Staff Appreciation Week
May 3rd through May 7th

Our Staff Appreciation Week is back! Let’s shower our amazing and hard working staff with flowers and yummy treats. We have various days that need items, so please review the following sign ups and see how you can help. 

We greatly appreciate all your help. Thank you!

Questions? Contact Lucia Ugarte (Events - Staff Appreciation Chair) at

Flower Donations
Member secure sign-up: Follow this link
Guest sign-up (no login required): Follow this link

Food Donations - May 4 (Rise and Shine Breakfast)
Member secure sign-up: Follow this link
Guest sign-up (no login required): Follow this link

Food Donations - May 6 (Staff Snack Bar)
Member secure sign-up: Follow this link
Guest sign-up (no login required): Follow this link
A Message From Ms. Ford

The Bay Area Book Fest runs May 1st-9th and may be of interest to students, especially those in grades 3-5 and older.
Stanford Women’s Rugby

The Walter Hays classes had a chance in the last week to view a pre-recorded presentation from the Stanford Women’s Rugby team. They taught the importance of being inclusive and respectful, even when being competitive. A big thank you to our core values team, Zeehan Selha and Lise Latour for planning this presentation.

Thank you to the Stanford Women's Rugby team for their video on core values for our students at Walter Hays! The students learned about perseverance, hard work, dedication, respect, inclusion, cooperation, and more. Go Stanford Rugby!

The video is accessible to the Walter Hays community, so you may access it here:
Stanford Women's Rugby Values Presentation for Walter Hays Elementary School
Last PTA Meeting of the Year
Thursday, May 6th - Zoom Link to follow

Please join us on Thursday May 6 at 7:00pm for our last general meeting of the year where we will hold our Executive board elections. All PTA members are eligible to vote.
Nominations: Walter Hays PTA board 2021-2022

We are pleased to announce the nominees for next year's PTA board:
President: Lucia Ugarte
Co-President: Radhika Vullikanti
Secretary: Monica Tan
Treasurer: Michael Minar
Co-Treasurer: OPEN
VP of Communications: Joyce Liang
Co-VP of Communications: OPEN
VP of Fundraising: OPEN
Co-VP of Fundraising: OPEN
VP of Events: OPEN
Co-VP of Events: OPEN
VP of Health and Safety - David Fisch
Co- VP of Health and Safety- OPEN
VP of Community Building: OPEN
Co- VP of Community Building: OPEN
VP of Core Values - Laurie Phillips
Co-VP of Core Values - OPEN
VP of Parent Ed (Programs): OPEN
Co-VP of Parent Ed (Programs): OPEN
Appointment-Parliamentarian: Daniel Moore
Appointment-Auditor: OPEN
We do still have openings for our Board positions. Please reach out to our Parliamentarian, Daniel Moore at ​if you would like to join us. Please also check out the PTA board positions and responsibilities ​for more information.
Walter Hays Move-a-thon

We surpassed our move-a-thon goal of $2,000! We had participation from every grade. Thank you to all who participated and donated! We raised $2,505 for the Ecumenical Hunger Program, a program that supports individuals and families experiencing economic and personal hardship in East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and surrounding areas.

Thank you to Monica Tan and Zeehan Selha for organizing this great event.
Library News

The last day to check out library books is May 7th, so be sure to reserve your books by Wednesday, May 5!  ALL LIBRARY BOOKS are due back to school by Friday, May 14th. Check those bookshelves at home, in your car, under your bed, or wherever you think your books might be! Please return your books to your classroom teacher or to the bin in front of the office. Overdue notices will be sent via email this week and after May 14th. Books that are lost will need to be paid for. We can only accept exact change in cash or checks made payable to Walter Hays. We cannot accept replacement copies, unfortunately. 
If you aren’t sure if you have any books checked out, please email Mrs. Ford at and she will be happy to help you. 
Mindfulness Corner: Test Taking

End of year test taking is starting soon at Walter Hays. Your child may be feeling some anxiety, whether it’s due to academic struggles, family expectations, or the ongoing adjustment to “doing” school during a pandemic.

To help them cope, consider practicing some mindfulness at home and plan ways to self-soothe before and during a test.

Here are some ideas to try:

Talk openly about test anxiety and normalize the feeling.

  • Positive affirmations. Help your child come up with some positive statements of encouragement to remind themselves before and during the test that they are capable. Suggestions: I can do this. I’ve got this. School has challenged me before and I always find a way. 
  • Imagination and visualization. Have your child imagine feeling great after they finish the test. Think about something fun they can look forward to after the test is over. 
  • Breathing exercises. Try some breathing exercises, such as making a figure 8 with your breath. 
  • Take a break. Encourage your child to ask for a bathroom break (if permitted by the teacher during or before a test) to get out of the stressful situation for a few minutes.
  • Bring a pocket item. If the teacher allows it, a child might keep a worry stone or small stuffie to keep in their pocket to touch during times of stress, reminding themselves that difficult feelings pass.

Here is some more info about coping skills to help you on your parenting journey:

--Susan Lewis, CASSY Therapist, and Londy Reidy, Walter Hays School Psychologist
May’s Core Value: Cooperation
We agreeably work together to solve problems and unite to create a supportive environment for everyone.
Read with your kids about May’s Core Value: Cooperation
We would like to invite parents to read books with their child(ren) about May’s core value, COOPERATION. The Palo Alto library and the Walter Hays library carry these books and we hope you will check them out. Here are five of the titles.
1. Anansi the Spider by Gerald McDermott (K)
2. Toot and Puddle: The New Friend by Holly Hobbie (1st)
3. Enemy Pie by Derek Munson (2nd)
4. How to Lose All Your Friends by Nancy Carlson (3rd)
5. Rosie and Michael by Judith Viorst (4th)
6. The Bracelet by Yoshiko Uchida (5th)
The Core Values Committee, headed by Lise Latour ( and Zeehan Selha ( invite all members of the Walter Hays community to ask questions about the committee. We welcome all the ideas and suggestions you may have about our Core Values Program.
Shop & Benefit Walter Hays

City of Palo Alto Safe Routes to School
Students in grades K, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 will have received a 30-45 minute bike and/or pedestrian safety virtual presentation taught by a Safe Routes to School instructor. Also offered are the Third Grade Socially Distanced Bike Rodeo Summer Series and the Wheelkids Middle School Bike Skills Classes. PAUSD promotes the physically distanced, active transportation options to support healthy, safe and efficient student transportation to and from school. 
  1. Palo Alto's Walk and Roll Suggested Route Maps support walking or biking to school.
  2. More educational resources available on the Safe Routes to School website.
PTA Council News
Memorial for an Outstanding PTAC Volunteer

Our dear friend and colleague Gabrielle Conway passed away on March 31 after a long battle with cancer. Gabrielle contributed so much to our family of PTAs, and her loss is immeasurable. She served as a parent volunteer at Walter Hays, Jordan/Greene, Paly, and on the PTA Council as VP of Communications for many years. She was a recipient of a PTAC Honorary Service Award for her tireless work on revamping and streamlining the communications piece for all 17 PTAs. Gabrielle led many committees and training sessions, and offered support and advice to many other parent volunteers. She was a leader and team player, and professional and friendly every step of the way. She was a constant advocate for our students, and she will be genuinely missed. A memorial event (May 15 or May 16) is in the planning process, as is The Gabrielle Conway Memorial Scholarship. More details on these two components will be forthcoming.
Green Tip! Foot and Pedal Power to the Rescue!

Non-electric sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks, and minivans are the #1 producer of greenhouse gas emissions. Walking or biking to school, or for trips of 2 miles or less, supports others to do the same, and do it more safely.

Other tips:

Together, we can have an impact!
3rd Annual Family Leadership Summit – 2021 Series

PAUSD is excited to bring the community together for learning by hosting the 3rd Annual Family Leadership Summit! This year's theme "Unity Through Learning" aims to do just that; bring the community together during these trying times with three days of engaged learning opportunities. This is a fully virtual event. On the morning of the event, links will go live for the Keynote Speaker and all Breakout Presentations, RSVP to ensure you get the communications. Visit for more information and sign-up to attend!

Saturday, May 15th Day 3: Building Future Leaders, 9:00am – 12:45pm 
More info here
Advanced Authentic Research (AAR) Needs Mentors for 2021-22! 

AAR gives high school students in grades 10-12 a capstone project opportunity to explore and conduct original research in a topic of their choosing in a supportive, personalized environment. We need continued support in recruiting a strong pipeline of volunteer mentors. Topics include STEAM, Humanities, Business, and Social Science. Would you be willing to devote a few hours per month mentoring one or two students? Your interactions with the students can be through multiple platforms including virtual meeting space, emails, etc. For more info or to sign up, Click here. Or there are other options for involvement, including guest speaker and industry expert advisor.
Community News
Camp Integem

Camp Integem, the #1 AR Camp, teaches K-12 students holographic augmented reality coding, design, digital art, 2D/3D animation, game design, 3D modeling, outer space exploration, nature exploration, STEM, and more with a lot of fun. It is suitable for students with all computer skills, from beginner to advanced levels.
More community news here...
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